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Mind the Gap

‘Mind the Gap’ is a document which aims to help parents to initiate conversations with their children about their online behaviour.

Facebook (The Magic 13!)

Facebook is intended for the use by people aged 13 years and over.

There is an increasing number of primary children who now have some form of network account. Often this can be facebook. Schools and teachers are concerned that parents / carers are not aware of the age restrictions and the risks this could be putting the children at. The link below has information given the parents / carers practical guidance and help raise awareness.

If you do have older children using Facebook remember to check their privacy settings and encourage them to think carefully about what photos they show, what they write, as it is very easy to upset someone without thinking.

Useful Guides

Computer Games

What every parent needs to know. Click the link below to find out more.

Listed below are some useful websites

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