Catholic Curriculum

We promote the Catholic curriculum by integrating religious teachings and values throughout the curriculum. The Catholic curriculum encompasses various subjects, including Religious Education, scripture, tradition, morality, and sacraments, which are taught in a way that aligns with Catholic beliefs and traditions.

Our knowledgeable staff incorporate religious content into their lessons, ensuring our pupils understand the Catholic faith comprehensively.

In addition to specific religion lessons, we infuse Catholic teachings into other academic subjects. For example, literature classes may include readings from Catholic authors or explore themes related to faith and morality. History classes may examine the role of the Catholic Church in different periods. By integrating religious perspectives into various subjects, we aim to provide a well-rounded education that reflects Catholic values.

The school also incorporates prayer, worship and participation in religious traditions in their daily or weekly routines. This can include attending Mass, praying together as a community, and celebrating Holy feast days and events.

Furthermore, we collaborate with Westminster Diocese to ensure our curriculum aligns with official Catholic teachings and guidelines. This helps to maintain consistency and fidelity to the Catholic faith across different Catholic schools.

We promote the Catholic curriculum by integrating religious teachings into various subjects, incorporating religious practices into daily routines, and ensuring alignment with official Catholic guidelines. This approach aims to provide our pupils with a comprehensive education that nurtures their spiritual growth and understanding of the Catholic faith.