Mini Vinnies

 ‘Mini Vinnies’ is a St Vincent de Paul Group in a Primary School.  It is a group of young people in a Primary School who get together, organise and talk about helping others in need within their school community and beyond.  What makes Mini Vinnies such a valuable experience for the children who are part …


School Council

The School Council are leading a Politeness Campaign   School Council Members Eoin Year 6 – Chair Person Kasey Year 3 Keira Year 6 – Deputy Chair Person Ciara K Year 3 Lionell Year 5/6 Aedan C Year 2/3 Elena Year 5/6 Rosie Year 2/3 Ella Year 4/5 Finlay Year 1/2 Ronnie Year 4/5 Grace …


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Maia   Year 6 Joseph Year 6 Isabella  Year 6 Leila Year 6 Chloe  Year 6 Cameron Year 6 Ethan  Year 6 Soairse Year 6  

Eco Committee

  Estelle Year 6 Freddie Year 6 Rithil Year 5/6 Anna Year 5/6 Raphaella Year 4/5 Daniel Year 4/5 Lorcan Year 4 Ava Year 4 Sorcha Year 3 Donnacha Year 3 Oscar Year 2/3 Holly Year 2/3 Harry Year 1/2 Emily Year 1/2 Bradley Year 1     The school received a Silver Award today for their achievement …


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