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School Meals

All children have a 15 minute morning break. Milk may be purchased in advance for infants only. Children may bring their own drink (no glass bottles or cans) and a piece of fruit for their morning break (Infant children have fruit provided as part of a national scheme). Infant children also have an afternoon break.


School dinners are prepared and cooked on site. You may pay for these weekly, half termly or termly on a Monday. We require a half term’s notice to change to packed lunches. Children may bring a packed lunch to school, including a drink, but no glass bottles or cans. Please encourage your children to eat a sensible balanced lunch, by packing such a meal for them.

Peanuts, including peanut butter, kiwi fruit, nutella, fruit and nut bars and certain cereal bars are not allowed in packed lunches as we have a number of children with allergies to these food items.

As we are a healthy eating school, we also ask that your child should only have chocolate bars or crisps on Friday in line with children who have Friday dinner specials.