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The Governing Body

The Governing Body have an active role in the life of Sacred Heart School. They are appointed, having shown a strong interest and knowledge of the Catholic faith and Catholic education. They must also have a desire to develop the School’s identity and character in both the Church and the local community.

The Governors, in partnership with the Headteacher, ensure that the overall management of the school is in keeping with the Catholic ethos. With the many changes in education over the recent years, the day-to-day responsibility placed on the Governing Body has increased and all governors attend training courses run by both the Diocese and the HCC, to equip them for their particular areas of responsibility.

Members of the Governing Body

Full Name Committees/ Responsibilities Subject Appointment Interests
Vivienne Morgan – Chair
  • F&R
  • SI
  • Admissions
Data Group – Vulnerable Safeguarding Safer recruitment 05/01/2016 –


Linda Payne –  Executive Headteacher
  • F&R
  • SI
  • Admissions
Fr Jim McNicholas – Foundation
  • SI
RE 01/02/2011
Nicole Moran – LEA
  • F&R
Healthy Schools/Drugs 02/07/2018 – 01/07/2022
Sheila Murphy – Foundation
  • SI
  • Admissions
FOSH Breakfast Club Gov Development 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2020
Siobhan Joyce – Foundation
  • F&R
  • Admissions
Chair of F&R committee 01/09/2017
Tracey Middleton – Clerk
Anna Smith –
  • SI
Curriculum 27/02/2018 – 26/02/2022
Sophie Ramsay
  • SI
Curriculum 21/04/2018
Danusia Wysocki
  • F&R
Science Year 5 & 6 31/08/2008
Claire Cusack Curriculum 01/09/2019
Giovanni Marseglia Curriculum 13/06/2018
Kevin Conoboy 25/01/2019

F&R – Finance & Resources
SI – School Improvement

Governor Profiles