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The school teaches English through speaking and listening, phonics, including spelling, reading and writing, including grammer and punctuation. This involves daily literacy sessions.

Our aim is to provide a framework within which children can develop their language and communication skills; to be able to read accurately, fluently and with enjoyment, and to understand and respond to a variety of literature; to be able to construct and convey meaning in their written work for a variety of different purposes, with an understanding of grammar and a wide ranging vocabulary; to be able to express their ideas clearly and confidently.


Children are taught through the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme, which is a phased phonics programme.


Reading books are quite expensive so we would ask that you handle books with respect. If a book is lost or damaged it is quite difficult to replace as many are sold in sets. Please ensure that fruit or drink is in a separate plastic bag so if there are any spillages the book is not damaged.

Be assured that books in our reading scheme are chosen to reflect a wide range of genres. These are recommended nationally, have been well researched and used in other schools. The school has a variety of books available for children to read.

In KS2, children have guided reading sessions which are linked to the genre being taught in English lessons where appropriate.


The school follows the Pie Corbett approach to reading, writing of imitation, innovation and invention. There is an added emphasis this year on poetry ( see termly curriculum letter).