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Physical Education

It is our aim to encourage children to be active and healthy. A progressive programme of activities extends and develops children’s skills and abilities.

The children are encourage to participate in P.E. in a safe environment, stressing the careful use and movement of equipment. A variety of equipment is used to improve skills and for the children to become aware of their own body’s limitations and abilities. The children are allowed to practice skills individually and in groups.

The National Curriculum is followed allowing the children access to: Gym, Games, Dance, Athletics and Swimming.

Sporting Aims:

At Sacred Heart we aim to provide the children with a well rounded programme of physical activities. In line with National Curriculum requirements from Reception onwards children experience dance and gymnastics and begin to develop ball skills which, as they progress are built into simple games such as rounders, quick cricket, short tennis and many others.

In addition all children take part in our annual sports day in which they compete in simple athletic activities, a mixture of fun and competition. We are also able to offer Year 6 children the opportunity to swim each year.

Through the teaching of physical education we hope to promote fitness and self esteem and to develop the physical, mental and social development of all our pupils.

The school is part of the local Sports Partnership headed up by Queens’ School.