Catholic Identity

We promote our Catholic identity through our:

1. Catholic Ethos 

We develop our Catholic ethos by integrating our Catholic values and teaching into all aspects of school life.

2. Religious Education

We provide a comprehensive Religious Education that teaches pupils about our beliefs, teachings and practices of the Catholic faith.  This includes studying scripture, sacraments, prayer and moral teachings.

3. Liturgical Celebrations

We have daily collective worship, class, phase and whole school liturgies, regular masses and other liturgical celebrations to engage our pupils in worship to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith and traditions.

4. Sacramental Preparations

Catechists from the school assist pupils in preparing for and receiving First Holy Communion.  This helps our pupils develop a personal relationship with God to participate fully in the Church’s sacramental life.

5. Prayer and Reflection

Daily prayer, movements of reflection, meditation and opportunities for spiritual growth and incorporated into the school day. This includes morning, lunchtime, end of the day, spontaneous, traditional prayers and prayerful reflections during Class, Phase and Whole School assemblies.

6. Service and Social Justice

We teach pupils about the importance of serving others and promoting social justice.  Pupils engage in acts of charity, participate in community-serving projects and learn about Catholic Social teaching.

Leading the Macmillian Coffee Morning at the Parish Centre.

Organsing a collection for the Bushey Food Bank.

Helping at the Parish Christmas Dinner