Caritas Ambassadors

Caritas Ambassadors are pupil leaders chosen to promote and embody the values of Caritas, the international humanitarian organisation of the Catholic Church. These ambassadors serve as representatives of Caritas within our school community and work towards promoting social justice, charity and solidarity.

So far this academic year, the Caritas Ambassadors led a Macmillian Coffee morning at the parish centre and organised a collection for Bushey Food Bank.

They also had an assembly where they learnt about Mary’s Meals. This is a chairty that provides lunches for children in developing countries so that they can attend school. Afterwards, the Year 5’s decided that this would be one of our charities for our Advent fundraising. They are currently planning our Advent fundraising events and will be sharing this with the school after half term.

The evening after the assembly, one of our Year 5 pupils baked cookies and sold them for Mary’s Meals. She raised £30. She then baked cookies for the staffroom and has so far raised a further £30. This will provide 3 pupils with lunch for an entire year. Well done.

The role of Caritas Ambassadors include:

1. Raising Awareness: They organise events, campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness about global issues such as poverty, hunger, inequality and climate change. This involves organising fundraisers, educational workshops or awareness campaigns within the school.

2. Advocacy: Caritas Ambassadors engage in advocacy efforts to promote social justice and address systemic issues. They write letters to policymakers, participate in discussions or organise events to advocate for positive change in their local and global communities.

3. Service Projects: These ambassadors lead or participate in service projects to help those in need. This involves volunteering at local charities, organising food drives, or supporting initiatives that assist marginalised communities.

4. Education and Reflection: Caritas Ambassadors facilitate discussions, workshops or presentations to educate their peers about social justice issues and the work of Caritas. They may also encourage reflection and dialogue on how individuals can make a positive impact in their communities.

By serving as Caritas Ambassadors, pupils have the opportunity to actively live out their faith by promoting the values of charity, justice and solidarity. They inspire their peers to be compassionate and engaged citizens, working towards a more just and equitable world.