House Captains

House Captains are pupils responsible for overseeing and coordinating activities within their respective houses. House Captains are chosen through a selection process involving application, interviews and a pupil elections process.

The role of House Captain includes:

1. Leadership: House Captains serve as leaders and role models for their fellow pupils. They demonstrate qualities such as responsibility, integrity and teamwork.

2. House Coordination: House Captains are responsible for organising and coordinating activities within their house, such as inter-house competitions, charity events, or social activities. They may work closely with other House Captains and school staff to plan and execute these events.

3. Communication: House Captains act as a liaison between their house and the staff. They may communicate important information, announcements, or concerns from their house members to the school leadership and vice versa.

4. Mentorship: House Captains often provide support and guidance to younger pupils within their house. They may assist with academic or personal issues, promote a positive and inclusive environment, and encourage participation in school activities.

5. School Spirit: House Captains play a crucial role in fostering a sense of unity, pride, and school spirit within their house. They lead sports days, give out house points, encourage participation in school events and promote a positive and supportive atmosphere among house members.

Overall, House Captains serve as leaders who contribute to the overall well-being and sense of community within the school. They embody the values and principles of the Catholic faith and help create a positive and enriching educational experience for their fellow pupils.