Charity Fundraising

The school  fundraises for various charities as part of their commitment to living out the values of compassion, service, and social justice taught in the Catholic faith. Fundraising for charity allows our school to actively engage pupils, parents, teachers and the wider community in acts of generosity and solidarity.

By organising fundraising events, the school aims to instill in pupils a sense of responsibility towards those in need and to promote a culture of giving. These activities provide opportunities for our pupils to learn about social issues, develop empathy and actively contribute to making a positive difference in the world.

Fundraising for charity also aligns with the Catholic Church’s teachings on the preferential option for the poor and the call to serve others. It allows us to support organisations and initiatives that address various social, economic and humanitarian needs, such as poverty alleviation, healthcare, education and disaster relief.

Moreover, fundraising for charity helps us to foster a sense of community and unity. It brings together pupils, parents, teachers, and the wider community in a shared purpose, promoting collaboration, teamwork and a sense of belonging.

Overall, fundraising for charity in our school serves as a practical expression of the faith’s values, promotes social responsibility, and provides opportunities for pupils to actively contribute to the well-being of others.

The school engages in various fundraising activities to support charitable causes by:

1. Events and Campaigns: Sacred Heart organises events such as charity runs, Lenten activities, non uniform days where participants can contribute through registration fees or donations. We also run specific campaigns, like a food drive or Shoe Box Appeal, to gather resources for those in need.

2. Sponsorships and Donations: We reach out to local businesses, organisations, and individuals to seek sponsorships or donations. These contributions can be in the form of monetary support, goods, or services that can be used for fundraising purposes. Our new chapel was funded by generous donations from the parishioners of our Church.

3. Fundraising Drives: The pupils regularly organise fundraising drives like book marks, bracelets and bake sales to raise funds for charity.

4. Partnerships: We establish partnerships with our local church and other community organisations to host joint fundraising events. This collaboration can help expand the reach and impact of the fundraising efforts.

5. Grants and Foundations: The school applies for grants or seeks support from foundations that provide funding for educational or charitable initiatives. These grants can help support specific projects or programs aimed at benefiting the community. 

It is important to note that we teach our pupils that fundraising activities is aligned with the principles of social justice and service, aiming to instil values of compassion and generosity in our pupils while supporting charitable causes.

We support the following charities throughout the year.

Local CharityNational CharityGlobal Charity
AutumnWatford and Bushey Food BanksMacmillan
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
Pupil Choice Charity
Shoebox Appeal
SpringPupil Choice CharityCatholic Children’s Society
SummerPupil Choice CharityPupil Choice CharityPupil Choice Charity