Moral Development

At Sacred Heart, we strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters the moral development of pupils, helping them grow into individuals guided by strong ethical values and a commitment to living out their faith. We promote moral development by integrating Catholic teachings and values into our curriculum and daily activities as listed below:

1. Religious Education

We provide formal religious education, PSHE and RSE  lessons that teach our pupils about Catholic beliefs, moral principles, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. These lessons help pupils develop a strong foundation in Catholic morality.

2. Faith Formation:

At Sacred Heart, we foster an environment that encourages pupils to deepen their faith and develop a personal relationship with God. Pupils can reflect on their beliefs and values through prayer, worship, sacraments and spiritual retreats.

3. Character Education:

We emphasise the development of virtues and character traits that align with Catholic teachings, such as compassion, honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility. These values are integrated into the curriculum and reinforced through various activities and interactions.

4. Service and Social Justice:

We encourage pupils to engage in acts of service and social justice initiatives actively. Participating in community service and advocating for the marginalized and vulnerable teaches pupils the importance of compassion, empathy and making a positive difference in the world.

Serving cakes at the Macmillian Coffee morning.

The children filled Christmas boxes with presents for the Samaritans Christmas Shoe Box appeal.

5. Ethical Decision-Making:

Pupils learn how to navigate ethical dilemmas and make morally sound decisions. We teach critical thinking skills, ethical reasoning and the application of Catholic moral principles to real-life situations.

The children worked together discussing their thoughts and reasoning in an RE lesson.