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Sacred Heart of Jesus and St John the Evangelist, Bushey

Our church is Sacred Heart of Jesus and St John the Evangelist, London Road, Bushey, Watford, Herts, WD23 1BA.  Father Jim McNicholas is the parish priest.

Sacred Heart of Jesus and St John the Evangelist Mass times are as follows:

SundayMasses at 8.30, 10.30 and 6pm
Monday7pm Holy Hour
Tuesday7.30pm Mass
Wednesday9.15am Mass
Thursday9.15am Mass
Friday9.15am Mass, 9.45am Holy Hour
SaturdayConfession 11am-11.30am and 5pm-5.30pm Mass at 6pm

For more information about our church, please visit

We have a strong connections with the parish which helps our pupils to foster a sense of community and spiritual growth by:

1. Regular Mass and Sacraments: The school organises regular Masses for pupils, teachers, and parents to attend together. These Masses are celebrated by our parish priest and held at the school or parish church. Additionally, the school staff are involved with the parish to provide opportunities for pupils to receive sacraments such as First Holy Communion.

2. Parish Involvement: We encourage our pupils and their families to actively participate in parish activities and events. This includes volunteering at parish fundraisers, attending parish retreats or missions and engaging in service projects organised by the parish.

3. Religious Education: The school and parish collaborate to ensure a cohesive Religious Education program. This involves aligning curriculum content, sharing resources, and coordinating sacramental preparation resources. The children also visit the church and parish priest also visit the school to provide religious lessons.

4. Prayer and Reflection: The school and parish gather for special prayer services, devotions, or Stations of the Cross during Lent. These activities are held in the parish church or within the school premises, providing opportunities for pupils, teachers and parents to deepen their faith and engage in communal prayer.

5. Pastoral Support: The school and parish work together to provide pastoral support to pupils and their families. This involves the parish priest or pastoral care team collaborating with the school to offer spiritual guidance or sacramental reconciliation.

By establishing and maintaining these connections,  we aim to create a seamless integration between the school and parish community, fostering a shared sense of faith, support, and belonging among pupils, families, and parishioners.