Pastoral Care

Sacred Heart provides pastoral support through various means to address our pupils’ spiritual and emotional needs. Our Mental Health and Pastoral Care Leaders are trained to provide guidance and support.

We offer our pupils a safe and confidential space for pupils to discuss their concerns, challenges, and personal issues. Pastoral care staff may provide one-on-one sessions, group discussions, or workshops on personal development, mental health, and spirituality.

We also incorporate religious practices and teachings into their pastoral support. This may include opportunities for prayer, reflection, and participation in religious ceremonies or sacraments. These practices aim to provide our pupils with a sense of spiritual guidance and support.

Furthermore, we often collaborate with parents, teachers, and the wider community to ensure comprehensive pastoral care. This can involve partnerships with local churches, community organisations, and mental health professionals to provide additional resources and support when needed.

Overall, we prioritise the holistic well-being of our pupils by offering a range of pastoral support services that address their spiritual, emotional, and personal needs.