Sense of Worth

We have created an environment that fosters a strong sense of worth in pupils, rooted in their identity as children of God and their potential to contribute to the world around them. We develop a sense of worth in pupils through various means:

1. Emphasising the Inherent Dignity of each Individual:

Pupils are taught that every person is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore, has inherent worth and value. This understanding forms the foundation for developing a sense of self-worth in pupils.

2. Fostering a Supportive and Inclusive Community:

We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where pupils feel accepted, respected, and valued. By promoting a sense of belonging and encouraging positive relationships among pupils, teachers, and staff, help pupils develop a sense of worth within a community.

On our school’s International Day, pupils come into school wearing traditional clothes or colours that represent their heritage. They learn about each others heritages and parents come into school and tell the children about their heritage.

3. Nurturing Spiritual Growth:

We prioritize pupils’ spiritual development, helping them cultivate a personal relationship with God. Through religious education, prayer, sacraments, and participation in liturgical celebrations, pupils are encouraged to recognize their worth as beloved children of God.

4. Encouraging Academic and Personal Achievements:

We provide a rigorous academic curriculum and extracurricular activities that challenge pupils to reach their full potential. Recognizing and celebrating their achievements this help pupils develop a sense of worth based on their abilities and accomplishments.

5. Promoting Service and Social Justice:

We emphasize the importance of serving others and working for social justice. By engaging in acts of service and advocating for those in need, pupils develop a sense of worth by understanding their ability to impact the world positively.