Westminster Diocese

Sacred Heart works with Westminster Diocese  to ensure that the school operates in accordance with the teachings and values of the Catholic Church. This includes ensuring that the curriculum aligns with Catholic teachings, that religious education is integrated into the school’s programs and that the school maintains a Catholic identity.

Westminster Diocese provides support and resources to the school. This includes financial assistance, professional development opportunities for teachers, access to educational materials and resources and guidance on matters related to Catholic education.

Additionally, working with Westminster Diocese allows the school to be part of a larger Catholic educational community. This provides opportunities for collaboration, sharing best practices and networking with other Catholic schools in the area. It also allows the school to participate in Diocesan events, initiatives and programs promoting Catholic education and fostering unity among Catholic schools.

Westminster Diocese plays a role in ensuring the school’s adherence to Catholic teachings and values. They guide faith formation, sacramental preparation and religious practices within the school community.

Working with the local diocese helps ensure the school maintains its Catholic identity and mission.