Prayer and Liturgy

Prayer and liturgy are integral components of the religious and spiritual life of the Sacred Heart School’s community. Here’s an overview of what prayer and liturgy entail at our school:

1. Prayer:  Prayer is a form of communication with God, and it holds a central place in Catholic spirituality. At Sacred Heart, prayer takes various forms, including communal prayers, individual prayers and spontaneous prayers. Pupils engage in daily school prayers and other traditional Catholic prayers. Prayer are incorporated into classroom activities, school events, and personal reflection time.

Lourdes assembly led by two pupils and a teacher who had been on a pligrimage to Lourdes.

Pupil led collective worship in the classroom.

Pupils write prayers for collective worship.

2. Liturgy: Liturgy refers to the communal worship and rituals of the Catholic Church. At Sacred Heart our liturgical celebrations are organised to mark significant religious events and seasons, such as Masses, sacramental celebrations (e.g. First Holy Communion) and prayer services. These liturgical events are often held in the school hall, chapel or a designated worship space and involve the participation of pupils, teachers, and sometimes parents or members of the local parish community.

A parent prepares a liturgies on the mysteries of the Rosary. Our House Captains lead these liturgies.

We regularly attend church for Masses and liturgies such as the Harvest Liturgy and the Lent Service.

All classes have collective worship in the prayer garden every week.

3. Sacraments: We provide opportunities for pupils to receive the sacraments, such as Reconciliation (Confession) and Holy Communion. Preparation for these sacraments is typically integrated into the religious education curriculum and involves catechesis, spiritual formation and participation in liturgical celebrations at the church.

Pupils who have received their First Confession and First Hold Communion receive Reconciliation during Advent and Lent and the Eucharist during School Masses. Pupils prepare and lead Masses.

Pupils learn about Reconcilation and the Eucharist in RE lessons. Staff support the parish in preparing the pupils for their First Confession and First Holy Communion.

4. Retreats and Spiritual Formation: Pupils take part in retreats or spiritual formation programs for pupils. These experiences provide dedicated time for reflection, prayer and deepening of one’s relationship with God. Retreats often focus on specific themes, such as personal growth, discernment or building community.

Year 5’s retreat at Phasels Wood had a focus on personal development and team building. The pupils completed several team building activities, took part in collective worship and had dedicated time to complete their journals where they reflected on their personal development.

Prayer and liturgy serve to foster a sense of faith, community, and reverence for God. They provide opportunities for our pupils to engage in worship, deepen their understanding of Catholic traditions, and develop a personal relationship with God within the context of their education.

Pupils are taught different prayers in each phase. Click on the phase prayer books to see.

Reception Prayer Book

Phase 1/2 Prayer Book

Phase 3/4 Prayer Book

Phase 5/6 Prayer Book

If you would like to share a prayer with us, please use the online prayer intention link below.