At Sacred Heart, we celebrate in various ways, including:

1. Liturgical Celebrations:  We hold Masses and liturgical celebrations to commemorate significant religious events such as feast days, holy days and sacramental milestones. These celebrations provide opportunities for our pupils, staff and families to come together in prayer and worship.

2. Prayer Services: Besides Masses, we organise prayer services that focus on specific themes or intentions. These services may include scripture readings, reflections, and communal prayers, fostering a sense of spirituality and unity among the school community.

3. Sacramental Preparation: Our staff play a vital role in preparing pupils for the reception of sacraments such as First Holy Communion. We help pupils understand and appreciate the significance of these sacraments.

4. Feast Days and Special Events: We celebrate feast days of saints and other significant events in the liturgical calendar. These celebrations may include special prayers, activities and educational programs that highlight the lives and teachings of the saints.

5. Community Service and Outreach: We emphasise the importance of service to others. They may organise community service projects, fundraisers, or outreach programs to support charitable causes and positively impact the local community.

6. Cultural and Social Events: We celebrate cultural and social events promoting community and inclusivity. These events may include International Day, Feeling Good Week, sports days, and other activities that foster a spirit of camaraderie and joy among pupils, staff and families.

7 Weekly Celebration Assembly.  We thank God for the pupils’ talents and achievements each week.  Pupils receive certification from the teachers during this assembly. 

8. Pupils Work. Pupils receive feedback from their work, house points, stickers and Headteacher’s awards. Overall, we celebrate in ways that reflect our faith, values and commitment to the holistic development of our pupils. These celebrations provide opportunities for spiritual growth, community building and the integration of faith into daily life.

Junior Lent Service

Harvest Liturgy