Community and Participation

Community and Participation

Community and participation are important principles in Catholic social teaching. They emphasise the value of human relationships, the common good, and the active involvement of individuals in society. Community refers to the understanding that humans are social beings who are interconnected and dependent on one another. It recognises the inherent dignity and worth of every person and promotes the idea that individuals are called to live in solidarity with others. In the context of Catholic social teaching, community emphasises the importance of fostering inclusive and supportive communities that promote the well-being and flourishing of all members.

Participation, on the other hand, highlights the active engagement of individuals in social, economic, and political life. It recognises that every person has a right and a responsibility to contribute to the common good and to participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives and the lives of others. Catholic social teaching encourages individuals to exercise their rights and responsibilities as active citizens, advocating for justice, equality, and the dignity of all. Together, community and participation in Catholic social teaching emphasise the importance of building inclusive communities that promote the well-being of all individuals and encourage active participation in shaping a just and compassionate society.

‘Do we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit, so as to be an active part of our communities, or do we close in on ourselves, saying ‘I have so many things to do, that’s not my job’?’ Pope Francis

As part of Catholic Social Teaching, we teach our pupils about the importance of serving others and promoting social justice.  By engaging in acts of service and advocating for those in need, pupils develop a sense of worth by understanding their ability to make a positive impact on the world.  Each pupil has a crucial role in our school, holding our faith and social justice close to our hearts. We are activists for social change, which has been advocated by Pope Francis as he invites us all to be Missionary Disciples of Christ.

Here are some of the jobs they have around the school.

Year GroupCatholic Social Teaching
Phase EYFSGardening Leaders
Phase 1/2Playtime Equipment Leaders
Phase 3/4Library Leaders
Year 5Caritas Ambassadors
Year 6Play Leaders & Reception Buddies

There are also a number of other jobs that the children do:

Chaplaincy Team: House Captains, Class Apostles, Caritas Ambassador Leaders, ECO Ambassadors and Prayer Mentors

Other Leadership roles: Digital Leaders, Milk Monitors, Book Monitors, Classroom library Monitors, Tidy Up monitors, Line Monitors and Sports Leaders

The pupils help each in class. They share resources, discuss ideas and help each other with their learning.

The pupils also support activities in the local community.

The pupils helping with the school and parish Christmas fete.

Pupils Carol Singing in Watford

The pupils helping at the Christmas lunch for pensioners in the parish centre.

The ECO Ambassadors pitching their idea to Watford Football Club. This was that when someone buys a ticket to watch a game they should also receive a bag of seeds. Their idea won and this is being implemented.